The Children’s Manifesto

Young people around the world are supporting one of the most audacious attempts to bring awareness to the plight of disadvantaged children globally. Hundreds of students from Champagnat College, Australia blazed a path into the 3rd Millennium and beyond.

They declared “The Children’s Manifesto”; carrying the legacy of the children of the 2nd Millennium into the future.

Hundreds have become thousands as students across nations lend their support, reciting “The Children’s Manifesto” across cultures in 12 languages with more and more being added, to bring awareness to the plight of underprivileged children.

The Children’s Rights

This is a project by the children of Kuya Center declaring “The Children’s Rights”. With the guidance of their mentors, they displayed their artwork that represents their rights.

The project aims to educate children not only in Philippines but all over the world to know their rights. It also shows the potential of our children if given a chance to have a better future.