For street children

Celebrating 31 years of helping disadvantaged children

Kuya Center perceives family and home as the heart and center of Christian love. With this in mind Kuya’s mission to street children has as its pivot, drive and purpose the call of the gospel to love all children and to express this maxim through:

  • Restoring dignity, self worth and esteem to these children through its healing programs,
  • Its endeavor to reconcile such children back to their families; to support and provide services for them and their families via monthly family counseling, education support and training in skills that lead to self employment,
  • To provide children unable to be reunited with their families the kind of care that will enable them to grow as Christian citizens worthy of filling their unique role within family and society.
  • To collaborate and net-work with other caring organizations and so advocate more advantageously on behalf of such children.

A unique feature of Kuya’s mission is to provide ongoing formation through exposures and immersions for young and old, lay and religious, national and international visitors. Kuya’s hope is that individuals may be:

  • Challenged to examine their own lifestyle,
  • Helped to understand what it means to be materially poor,

Drawn by the call to radical change and in this process confront any biases and disdain they might have for people living on the fringes of society.


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Kuya Center is a temporary shelter that supports and empowers children to transition from street life and builds capacities of their families.


Communities that have recovered the Filipino value of caring for children, enabling the youth to claim their dignity as children of God and as empowered, responsible members of society.

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